Crisis looms in Senate over Juicy committees

Aggrieved Senators demand better deals over juicy committees

The Nigerian Senate President Ahmad Lawan might not have entirely escaped the after-shocks of the red chamber’s appointment of chairman of committees. the phenomenon, focused with a potent ability to rock tenures of Senate presidents, has bothered occupant of the legislative position from 1999 till date.

Unless the Yobe-born law-maker manages the aftermath with deftness, he could have a hard time coming. Indeed, the survival of any Senate President hangs on his ability to manipulate the leadership of committees.

Usually, the process is handled by a special body known as the Selection Committee, which consists of the Senate President, his deputy, the majority leader, minority leader, and all other principal officers. If down the road anything goes wrong however, aggrieeved lawmakers naturally go for the jugular of the Senate President. Beyond the facade of legislative servoce to fatherland, the appointment of chairman is ruled by two phrases: Juicy committees and non-Juicy committees.

A Juicy committee is a legislative organ with supervisory powers over government agencies that control huge finances. Just as ministries are tagged Grade A, B, and C committees likewise are labeled juicy, dry land or siberia. Juicy ministries have big budgets and agencies that generate a lot of revenue. Ministries in-charge are of ten prefixed as ‘super’ and are the envy peers.  

Edgar Gross