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  • U.S Imposes Sweeping Sanctions on Venezuelan Government

    U.S. IMPOSES SWEEPING SANCTIONS ON VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT President Donald Trump has imposed sweeping sanctions on the Venezuelan government, freezing assets in the U.S. and barring transactions with it. This measure is expected to be far more damaging for Venezuela’s socialist government than previous sanctions. The move is the latest aimed at increasing presure on President […]

  • Crisis looms in Senate over Juicy committees

    Aggrieved Senators demand better deals over juicy committees The Nigerian Senate President Ahmad Lawan might not have entirely escaped the after-shocks of the red chamber’s appointment of chairman of committees. the phenomenon, focused with a potent ability to rock tenures of Senate presidents, has bothered occupant of the legislative position from 1999 till date. Unless […]

  • Our World Today

    A HEADING   First and foremost, at the top Secondly, another item Thirdly, a concise point Fourth, a bit more description A LARGER HEADING Blocks provide you with everything you need to build a larger page. They contain a variety of content elements, such as images, buttons, headings, and more.   “This demonstrates what text […]